August 20, 2017

The GSL Trustees purchased a display advert in the August 2017 issue of Scale Auto and in Contest Cars 2017, advising readers of both magazines that GSL Trustees had prepared a special section so that readers could get a full report on the twenty-sixth Championship.

We placed these advertisements because no publication could possibly devote the column inches to properly describe all that occurs at the GSL Championship.

Please go here to enjoy the special ‘Scale Auto/Contest Cars 2017″ coverage that GSL Trustees have created to give everyone a comprehensive overview of the Twenty-Sixth GSL Championship.

Special thanks to Steve Roullier, Dave Hadley, David King, Bob Wick and Mark Benton (webmaster) for doing the hard background work necessary to pull off this special feature of the GSL website.

Note that GSL has a You Tube Channel – check it out:

Don’t forget about the important changes in four Class Definitions:

For models entered in both Street Machine and Street Rods, license plates are no longer necessary (one plate was previously required).

For the Commercial and Military Classes (both heavy duty and light duty), not all competing models must exhibit commercial markings in order to be eligible for competition. Private use vehicles – qualified for participation in these Classes – not for hire – do not need to show commercial livery. Be sure to carefully read the revised rules.

Also, please note that GSL Trustees have selected the kits for the COMMON KIT and the GROUP 19 Classes. Below is the full text that appears in the Classes section:

COMMON KIT: The Common Kit for GSL-XXVII is the 1966 Tamiya 1300 1/24 scale Volkswagen (kit #24136). The entrant may build their entry as a factory stock model, a performance-modified version, a traditional Dune Buggy, or a completely unique vehicle which must be based upon the kit parts. Entrants may also: i) swap parts from any other kit(s); ii) use any aftermarket parts (except for complete aftermarket resin bodies); and iii) use any building materials, techniques or technologies without restriction. The intent of this Class is for each entrant to start with the same kit, then display their widest array of individual creativity, craftsmanship, building skills, and technical innovations. (Place image of kit here).

GROUP 19: This Class is intended to revive and celebrate vintage kits and building styles, and to celebrate the way models were built in the “good old days” by creating a low-key, fun and challenging forum for creative and enthusiastic building. For GSL-XXVII, the “Group” kit is the Round2/AMT 1936 Ford. Entries may be built from any original or reissue of the Round 2/AMT kit, in any style, with the skills and craftsmanship you have today, but using only parts, materials and supplies (except current putties, adhesives and paints which are permitted) available 35 years ago (1984 or earlier). There are just three additional limitations: no one-off machined or photo-etched parts not fabricated entirely by the entrant; no aftermarket products not available in 1984 or earlier; and no resin bodies or resin body parts (regardless of who made these resin parts). Bare Metal Foil may be used. (Place image of kit here).