Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

International Model Car Builders’ Museum

by Mark S. Gustavson

Starting in 1992, the International Model Car Builders’ Museum has presented the Hall of Fame award annually to recognize key contributors to the model car hobby. Initially, the Museum published the annual inductees in the pages of Scale Auto Enthusiast – founding editor Gary Schmidt was a big supporter of the program. Now, the Museum is pleased and grateful to enjoy the publicity that Model Cars Magazine is generously extending to this important program.

In the early years, we only honored one person each year. Later, in 2000, we decided that two people should be inducted each year because there were so many eligible people, roughly divided into two categories (“Writer/Builder” and “Industry Insider”), that should be inducted. Each year, I consult with Tim Boyd and two members of the Museum’s Board of Trustees to nominate individuals for the two categories. The Hall of Fame has inducted a wide range of people who have made a genuine and positive impact upon the hobby. We now return to the public form to ask for your vote of who should be inducted for 2015.

Hall of Fame Recipients:

Please note the following persons who have been previously inducted into the Museum’s Hall of Fame:

1992 Dave Shuklis
1992 Budd Anderson
1993 Don Emmons
1994 Oscar Koveleski
1995 Phil Jensen
1996 Herb Jackson
1997 Bob Barnett
1998 Bob Paeth
1999 George Toteff

2000 Gary Schmidt – Industry Insider
Augie Hiscano – Builder/Writer

2001 John Mueller – Industry Insider
Tim Boyd – Builder/Writer

2002 Jim Keeler – Industry Insider
Mark S. Gustavson – Builder/Writer

2003 Roger Harney – Industry Insider
Dennis Doty – Builder/Writer

2004: Bob Johnson – Industry Insider
Terry Jessee – Builder/Writer

2005: Hank Borger – Builder/Writer
Bob McLeod – Industry Insider

2006: Bill Coulter – Builder/Writer
Don Holthaus – Industry Insider

2007: Ken Hamilton – Builder/Writer
Dave Vander Wal – Industry Insider

2008 Juha Airio: Builder/Writer
Tom Carter: Industry Insider

2009 Tom West – Industry Insider
Dave Cummins – Builder

2010 Norm Veber – Industry Insider
Tom Kirn – Builder

2011 Ed Sexton – Industry Insider
Randy Derr – Builder

2012 Mark D. Jones – Builder
Tom Lowe/John Greczula – Industry Insiders

2013: Ed Roth – Industry Insider
Tom Woodruff – Builder/Writer

2014: Frank Winspur/Dave Metzner – Industry Insiders
Rick Hanmore – Builder/Writer

2015: Darryl Starbird – Industry Insider
Bob Downie – Builder/Writer