What IS GSL?

What is GSL?

The GSL Championship was created in 1979 to provide an encouraging, objective, and an hospitable venue for sophisticated scale vehicle modelers, regardless of their interests, to compete where craftsmanship and technical innovation would be recognized and rewarded.

As a reaction to other historic shows where certain building styles were favored and others discouraged by the judging preferences and selection of winners, and as a further reaction against competitions where personalities and public favor played significantly in the outcome, the GSL Championship was fashioned to provide a “safe harbor” to competitive builders interested in aggressive, quality building.


The Awards Breakfast is well attended.  Here, facing the camera on the right, is the legendary
Don Emmons who cut a path through the hobby in the Sixties.

Over the years, the antiseptic fairness of the GSL Championship has encouraged an ever-widening group of wonderful and very competitive scale vehicle builders to attend and be a part of the greatest scale vehicle contest ever created. As an outgrowth of that commitment to fairness, GSL competitors and attendees have developed a cheerful demeanor where friendships are made and renewed regularly, where it is safe to share ideas and techniques, and where each builder’s efforts are respected, and where everyone is challenged by the work they see.

In fact, one of the several attractions of the Championship has always been the cheerful and cordial demeanor of the participants. The attendees and builders always share their techniques and thoughts about building better models, encouraged in no small part by judging impartiality and good humor that are hallmarks of the Championships.

The Trustees of the International Model Car Builders’ Museum are pleased to announce that the Twenty-Sixth GSL Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention will be held Thursday, April 26 through Sunday, April 20, 2017. This 26th International Championship will be held at the Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel – this is the same excellent facility where we’ve presented GSL since 2009!

GSL-XXVI will present the traditional range of competitive Classes, two days of seminars, a day of Museum tours, the Museum-benefit Auction, the famed Trade Show, four days of renewed friendships and shared experiences, and will end with the Awards Breakfast on Sunday morning, April 30.

We will start the Championship and Convention on Thursday morning, April 26, 2017 with a general “welcome” opening session at 10:00 a.m. to hand out the Championship and Convention schedule, acquaint everyone with last-minute details and developments, and talk generally about the event. The Contest Hall will open for registering models to be entered in competition at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday morning. Seminars will start at Noon, Thursday, and extend through Friday afternoon, April 28, 2017. Judging will start at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, during which time the Museum-Benefit Auction will be held. The Awards Breakfast will be held on Sunday morning, April 30.

See you in April, 2017!