The GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention is presented by International Model Car Builders’ Museum and the Utah Miniature Automotive Guild whose members serve in many administrative roles as well as work at the Museum. The GSL International Championship extends its thanks to the Museum and the Guild.

While every effort is made to protect the contestant’s model(s), the entrant recognizes that accidents, criminal behavior or the negligence of any person, or acts of God, may result in harm to any model or person at GSL. Consequently, the contestant and all attendees, in consideration of the right to participate in this and any other GSL International Championship event, including all on and offsite associated activities including the tour of the International Model Car Builders’ Museum, hereby release the Championship, the Museum, their founder, the Boards of Directors, all publications (whether hard copy or electronic), photographers, the host hotel and any other person associated with the GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and the International Model Car Builders’ Museum from any liability whatsoever in the event of the damage to or destruction of any model, or any injury of any kind to any person.



By placing a model into GSL Championship competition or on display, the builder/owner agrees that:

i) Their model(s) may be moved for photography by representatives of the GSL Championship and representatives of the hobby media approved by GSL; and

ii) GSL, and any publication, may use the photographic image (however stored, reproduced and used) in any electronic or “hard copy” publication, magazine, book, and/or web pages without compensation to the builder/owner. No model may be removed from the Contest Hall during contest hours for photography.

Additionally, by placing any model into GSL Championship competition or display, the contestant/participant hereby consents to each GSL Championship Rule and Guideline included in all official GSL Championship publications, and gives permission to the GSL Championship to publicize his/her model(s), including photographically and electronically, in all media coverage and records of the event including any web page, without compensation.

So, make your plans now to attend GSL-XXV in May 2015. We look forward to seeing you here!


Chuck Jones has been with us for a few years now. One of Chuck’s great historic contest winners is being cloned through the Musseum’s Clone the Past Program.