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Here, you can get easy access to all GSL publications and videos in one place on the GSL site. Note that each of these listed publications and videos are free downloads, and may not be printed or played and sold for profit.

GSL-XXVI (2017) – Related:

How I built my Best of Show Model for GSL-XXV by Mark D. Jones.


Check out these great books and publications:

1). GSL Trustees Mark S. Gustavson and Robert A. Wick wrote a book “How To Build Championship Scale Vehicles, Construction Considerations of Building Championship-Caliber Models.” This book was presented, digitally and without charge, to everyone at GSL-XXII (2009). Now, you can download this book, without charge, by going here (23 MB .pdf) Thanks to Paul Anagnostopoulos for laying out the book, and to Jeremiah Gladstone for preparing the photos and the illustrations; (view/download) We will be updating this book after GSL-XXV!

2). At GSL-XXII, the International Model Car Builders’ Museum published a book on the past GSL Best of Show winners (GSL-1 through GSL-XXI) and this book is also available as a downloadable PDF. Thanks to Jeremiah Gladstone for laying out this book. Text is credited to Mark S. Gustavson and Robert A. Wick. All photos courtesy the GSL Archives at the International Model Car Builders’ Museum, Model Cars magazine, and Scale Auto both of which magazines provide great coverage. Eight of the Best of Show winners were present in 2009, and most of the Best of Show models were also on display. (view/download)

BOS winners

3). Two-time GSL Best of Show winner Randy Derr presented a great seminar at GSL-XXII on detailing. Here’s his Power Point presentation (10 MB .pdf). Thanks to Randy for this great piece! (view/download)

4). GSL-XXVI published some great documents. Please check out these items:

  • Please check out the 2017 GSL Handbook distributed to everyone in attendance at GSL-XXVI.
  • The Schedule acquaints competitors and attendees about the activities of the Championship;
  • A pamphlet to update everyone on The Lynx Project.

GSL Seminar Videos

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be uploading a good number of DVDs of seminars presented at past GSL Championships. We want to thank Chad and Mark Benton for preparing the original videos, and to Steve Roullier for converting the DVDs for uploading. Thanks, guys!

This project to present these GSL seminars is part of our effort to advance the state of scale vehicle modeling.

GSL-XIX (2003) videos:

Augie Hiscano Seminar GSL XIX New!

Photographing Model Cars New! Note audio volume is quite low on this video.

More Simple Tips & Techniques” by Greg Nichols and Jim Devine (Greg and Jim have won a great number of top awards at the GSLChampionship)

Model Car Mechanical Detailing” by Mark Jones (Mark has won GSL Best of Show as well as a great number of Class Awards)

Scratchbuilding in Large Scale” by Dave Cummins.  Dave has won the GSL Best of Show award, and is a reknowned builder of large-scale “phantom” concept study cars from the Thirties.

Race Car Wiring and Plumbing Fundamentals” by Stephen Miller. Steve is well-known for his exquisite knowledge of technical details for competition cars. Steve has also won top awards at GSL.

GSL-XX (2005) videos:
Concept Cars: An Unofficial History by Roger Yu” Roger is a thoughtful and creative builder who prepared this presentation about factory concept cars:

Diorama Construction” by MiIguel Barbosa. Miguel travels to each GSL from Puerto Rico and has won many top awards.

Restyling Models with Epoxy Putty” by Mike Good. Mike is a top sculptor by profession, and prepare this insightful video on the many uses of putty.

How I Built the Virtue RSX” by Bruce Owen. Bruce returned to the hobby recently many years after he won top awards at the vintage MPC contests; he also won GSL Best of Show with the model featured here.

Fashioning Panels from Brass” by George Layton. A professional bodyman by trade, George also is highly skilled in brass panel formation. George won Best of Show at any early Championship.

Etching, Polishing & Plating” by Bill Cunningham. Bill’s a pioneer in plating parts for scale vehicles , and is also well known for his exquisite work. Bill’s won some top awards at the Championship.

GSL XXII (2009) seminars: 

Simple Tips for More Realistic Models” by John Baczuk, Dick Engar and Len Woodruff . John, Dick and Len are well-known for their antiseptically clean work and are among the top builders at GSL.

Scratchbuilding: Uncommon Uses for Common Materials in Model Building” by Randy Derr. Randy is a three-time GSL Best of Show winner.

White Paper: Considerations in Planning Championship Models” by Bob Wick and Mark S. Gustavson. Mark and Bob oversee the administration of the GSL Championship. Mark is also a GSL Best of Show winner.
GSL XXIII (2011)

Steve Perry has created a powerpoint presentation on his epochal model of the famed Freight Train dragster that won top awards at GSL-XXII (2009).

This is the seminar that introduced the book of the same title that is available as a free download.

Finally, a series of short vids were also uploaded to YouTube during GSL-XXIII (2011), thanks to camera operator Vince LoBosco. Thanks to Mike Barlow for uploading these videos to YouTube:

Photos taken at GSL-XXIII, courtesy of Pat Bibeau, Dave Lindsay, Scott Hess, Gary Kulchock and David King.

For an interview with famed historic modeler Don Emmons, go here:

GSL-XXIV (2013)

Dale (Toy Man) Angel’s video on What GSL Is and What It Means

The Wonders of the International Model Car Builders’ Museum (May 4, 2013)

3-D Printing Scale Vehicle Parts, presented by Lynn Koberna and Michael Lundwall (May 4, 2013)

Metal Formation by Mark S. Gustavson and Greg Nichols (May 4, 2013)

How I built my 2011 Best of Show Model by Randy Derr (May 4, 2013)

Working Features and Deep Detail in Scale Quadravan by Steve Perry (May 4, 2013)

Cobalt Metal Plating by Randy Derr and George Layton (May 4, 2013)

GSL XXIV Awards Banquet, May 5, 2014


GSL-XXV (2015)

Machining Technical for Model Cars (Randy Derr)

Fisher Body Craftsman Build History (John Jacobus and other Guildsmen)

How I Built my Best of Show model for GSL-XXIV

The Fictional but Realistic Formula for Contest Model Cars (Steve Perry)
(apologies for Steve: equipment failure early in his seminar delayed the seminar and resulted in an incomplete video record)

3-D Printing Techniques for Scale Model Builders (Chas Cochran, Andy Cohen, Don Henriksen and Lynn Koberna)


GSL-XXVI (2017)

How I built my Best of Show Model for GSL-XXV by Mark D. Jones.

(with more GSL-XXVI videos to be posted in the next few months).