Past Events

Past GSL Championships

GSL-XXV (2015)

View/Download the Power Point presentation of the winners that was shown at the GSL-XXV Awards Brunch.
[Powerpoint Format .ppt] or [Adobe Acrobat Format .pdf]

For those of you who didn’t attend the 25th GSL Championship, you can follow us on our YouTube channel.

Dale Angell (Toy Man Videos) has posted videos there, including this one:

You can also enjoy photos of the event by going here:

Information, photos and winners lists from other past GSL Championships are available in this section. You can read about the event, the winners and, with the more recent Championships, view photos of the winning models!

Information, Photos and winners lists from other past GSL events are also available. Presently, the following are available:

Note that there was no website for the Fifteenth GSL Championship (1994) and earlier – except in the GSL history book written by Mark S. Gustavson.

Of interest are the following web sites relating to GSL:

The famed Town of Newburgh Model Car Club maintains a site about their participation at GSL. Check out their antics here:

Long time GSL participant and competitor Len Woodruff has extensive coverage on his Fotki site:

GSL-XIX (2003):
GSL-XX (2005):
GSL-XXI (2007):
GSL-XXII (2009):
GSL-XXIII (2011):

GSL-XXIV (2013):


Well known photographer Dave Lindsay has posted a wide array of photos from GSL-XX. Check out his photos here:

Bruce Owen won Best of Show at GSL-XIX. Check out Bruce’s website with additional photos of his fantastic winning model by going here: