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As Trustees for the GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention, we welcome you as readers of the historic flagship magazine, Scale Auto and Contest Cars 2017. Thanks for visiting this special section of the GSL site prepared for you. We have prepared this full report (not otherwise available) on GSL-XXVI Championship so that you can learn about and enjoy the full flavor of the many events that occurred at GSL-XXVI.

The GSL Championship was started in 1979 to provide an hospitable venue for professional-quality builders, of all ages, to compete where basic and advanced craftsmanship, innovation, and risk-taking are rewarded, respected and celebrated and where the friendly exchange of modeling information, ideas and techniques are encouraged. Additionally, attendees can enjoy and learn from a wide range of seminars, evening discussions , a day of tours of the International Model Car Builders’ Museum, the Museum-benefit Auction, and the Trade Show.

Since the start of this now world-renowned competition, we’ve welcomed thousands of competitors from around the globe, drawing competitors from most Stat es, all but one Canadian Province, Mexico, Great Britain, Finland, Germany, France and Brazil. Widely recognized as the arena for pleasant but stringent competition, GSL also presents three days of instructional seminars, a tour of the International Model Car Museum, a Museum-benefit auction and 4 days of convivial fun.

The Twenty-Sixth GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention, that was held April 27-30, 2017, was the latest installment (the Championship started in 1979) of the most significant competitive scale vehicle event in the model car universe. GSL-XXVI was a spectacular success – it attracted the best -yet set of competitive models, a great number of attendees, five seminars, with a special visit by Darryl and Donna Starbird who made a presentation of Starbird’s incredible career of building the most creative and innovative custom cars since 1957. Previously GSL has hosted Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Budd “The Kat from AMT” Anderson both of whom are no longer with us. We’re pleased to say that modeling legend Don Emmons has attended the last 5 GSL Championships.

The GSL Championship was started in 1979 as a purely local Salt Lake City contest, attracting only about models from Utah and Idaho. From there, it grew into the international phenomenon that it is today.

If you’ve of an historical bent, we invite you to check out the following information:

  • GSL had it actual beginnings in an unfortunate series of events ranging across half of the United States. This event, described here, also lead to the appearance and the famed NNL model phenomena.
  • Starting in 1980, GSL presented an annual Championship through 1994 (the fifteenth Championship) where upon we suspended the event for 3 years until 1997 when the GSL Championship was presented again (the famed “Reunion”) but this time on an every-other-year basis. Frankly, the GSL Trustees were completely burned out with the work of fielding GSL every year. Since 1997, the Championship has been enjoyed every other “odd” year. A complete record of the first sixteen years of the Championship is available in a spiral bound book (originally hard cover) written by GSL Founder Mark S. Gustavson. If you’re interested in buying a copy, contact Mark for details –  be sure to put “GSL Book” in the subject line. (All net proceeds donated to the International Model Car Builders’ Museum).
  • Starting in 1999, a good summary of each Championship has been available online by going here. 
  • Though dated to 2003, this Model Cars Magazine article lays out a good outline of the history of the Championship.

Let’s fast forward to 2017. To best appreciate the Twenty-Sixth GSL Championship, please check out these links:

1). A full photographic record of the Championship can be found here.

2). We present a formal Sunday morning Awards Breakfast presentation of the winners.
After enjoying a great meal, Judges Randy Derr, Mark S. Gustavson and Bob Wick present the awards. You can enjoy images of the winning models, ranked by Class and Master Award, by
choosing either of these links: PDF or Powerpoint.

You can enjoy individual photos of specific Class awards here. Long term GSL Judges (Mark S. Gustavson, all Championships; Bob Wick since GSL-VIII) were joined by two-time GSL Best of Show winner Randy Derr: this team evaluated all of the entries from Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. through 1:00 a.m. of the following Sunday.

3). As each competitor enters his/her models, each model is photographed several times.
Here are the photos of each competitive model taken at the time of registration. Check out the images!

4). Each person that attended GSL-XXVI received a copy of the “GSL Handbook.” Here’s a copy for you!

5). GSL hands out a formal GSL Schedule. This will give you a good idea of all of the activities that stretch over four full days. Of particular interest is that a dozen or so people always arrive a day before, and stay on a day after, the Championship is presented.

6). At each GSL, attendees can take a tour of the International Model Car Builders’ Museum when the remarkable collection (not almost 10,000 items in all) can be enjoyed by visitors. You can go here to check out quite a few pictures of the 2017 tour!

7). Every GSL presents a Trade Show where scale vehicle companies can display their products and wares without charge. This is no mere swap meet – but rather a bona-fide presentation by companies of their services and items. Go here to see who was at the GSL-XXVI Trade Show:

8). At GSL-XXV in 2015, The Lynx Project debuted at GSL. Elements of this project – that started in 1994, and should be finished in 2019 – were presented at GSL-XXV. See the photos from that display. Here’s the link for the site:

This year, the project was not displayed. However, a Lynx Project Handbook was included in each Registration Envelope. Here’s that Pamphlet. When completed, the Lynx Project will be permanently displayed in the International Model Car Builders’ Museum.

9). Seminars at GSL Championship are filmed and presented in the Library page of this GSL site. Go here to enjoy those videos from past events – there are printed publications also available as free downloads.

10). GSL-XXVI was honored to host Darryl and Donna Starbird to the Championship. Darryl presented a special seminar on his history as one of the great custom car builders in American history. We filmed his seminar and it will be uploaded in a few months. Mark S. Gustavson made arrangements for the Starbirds to attend GSL-XXVI in light of the just-announced Predicta Project, the proceeds from which (both faux models and any revenue) will be donated to the International Model Car Builders’ Museum. Go here to learn about The Predicta Project.

11). Information on most past GSL Championships are available on line. Check out the history of GSL by going here. Information on the first sixteen years of GSL is available in a book that GSL founded Mark S. Gustavson wrote years ago. If you’re interested, please e-mail Mark for details (be sure to put “GSL Book” in the subject line):

12). Of course, it takes the help of a good number of people to present the GSL Championship. Please note the Sponsors and Trade Show participants as well as the Staff and Trustees.

Please come to GSL-XXVII that will be held May 2-9, 2019 in Salt Lake City (Sheraton Hotel, City Centre). Go here to get your name on our data base – you’ll receive by 3-mail all announcements and information for GSL-XXVI. See you in 2019: Bring your best work!